Child Safety is one of the most important aspect for every parent. Running a school bus facility is the most convenient option that a school can provide parents with but it also holds the utmost responsibility of picking up children safely and dropping them back home. Any type of carelessness and irresponsibility with the school buses cannot be taken lightly.

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School Bus Safety Rules of Andhra Pradesh

  • School name, address, and contact details should be displayed both on the left side and back of the school bus
  • The age of a school bus driver should not exceed 60 years and they should undergo various health tests
  • School authorities should appoint only those drivers who have 5 years of experience in driving the school bus
  • School buses should be inspected regularly ...
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School Bus Safety Rules of Andaman and Nicobar Islands

  • Every school bus should be painted in YELLOW color
  • School Bus” should be written on the front and back of the bus. And if it's a hired one, “On School Duty” should be displayed on the school bus
  • A school bus should have a first aid box and a fire extinguisher for handling emergency situations
  • School bus windows should have horizon...
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