Importance of Geofencing for school bus tracking system

Importance of Geofencing - myskoolbus

School transportation system requires to have more attention to the minute details. The children travelling have the highest priority and their safety and security cannot be compromised. The latest GPS-enabled technology allows tracking the school buses in real time and one of the safest transportation system are those that are interactive and can be easily accessed like geofencing.

What is geofencing?

Geofencing is a map integrated service that is used in many industries. It is also used in smart home technology, it gives notifications when you are near to any particular spot, and it also used by various food delivery apps. Importantly, geofencing can ensure the safety of the kids when they travel to schools.

It is like a virtual fence drawn around a student’s home and school and the vehicle cannot stray beyond that fence. All this time, transportation can be live tracked and parents get notified if the parameters are breached.


School monitoring, parents and geofencing

Once the school bus is equipped with the GPS locator it is possible for the parents to live track their child. They get notified when the bus picks up and drops off the child.

The geofencing facility also alerts parents when the bus takes different routes and tries to breach the parameters. During this situation it is easy to communicate and ascertain the reason for change in route.


Fleet Management and School Authorities

Geofencing allows fleet managers and school authorities to have the control over the routes and transportation system of the children. Geofencing technology along with the sensors allows the authorities to check the vehicle speed apart from the live location. Geofencing data can be used by the fleet managers to make the operation more efficient.


Less Uncertainties and Worries

When children are away for longer time, there is a lot to worry about for all the parents and guardians. With the use of geofencing technology and its established parameters a child can be tracked from any location. Integrating this technology in the child’s transport system gives a way more peace of mind and relaxation to all the parents and guardians.


Everything is in Loop

The modern school transportation system entirely functions on the geofencing technology. This smart technology keeps everyone notified about the location of the vehicle and ensure the child’s safety. It aims at bringing parents and schools closer- creating a bridge by allowing them to keep an eye on their child being away from them. No doubt, geofencing is the pivot of secure school transportation system.

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