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myskoolbus AIS140 Panic Button Installation for School Bus

myskoolbus Panic Button Implementation for School Bus

The public transport system is the backbone of the Indian economy. Millions of people depend on them for commuting to their work every day.

Rapid economic growth has led to a humongous rise in the number of vehicles on the road. From 0.3 million registered vehicles in 1951 to 0.2 billion in 2015, the growth has been tremendous.

The transportation infrastructure in the urban areas of the country is finding it hard to handle such huge number of vehicles. Traffic congestion is one of the major challenges the authorities and decision makers are tackling today.

myskoolbus is happy to inform that the platform is ready to meet the AIS140 device guidelines gazetted by Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, Government of India.

What is an AIS 140 approved GPS tracking device?

In order to increase and ensure the safety of the General Public the government of India has designed an Intelligent Transport System (ITS) under the Automotive Industry Standard-140 (AIS 140). The ITS is globally proven to optimize the utilization of existing transport infrastructure to the best of its capacity. This helps in improving the transportation system in terms of efficiency, quality, comfort and safety. The vehicles on the road are increasing daily and therefore there is a need of government guidelines which specify the emergency and safety standards that need to be implied in all kind of public transport systems. The most reliable use and strict compliance of AIS-140 guidelines can help increase safety for the General Public as well as ease the congestion on the roads, improve traffic management and reduce the environmental impact. This will benefit the commercial users as well as the public.


myskoolbus is the number 1 school bus safety and monitoring service company in India with pan India installation and service capabilities.

Our comprehensive solutions provide complete support to School and Transport Service Providers complying to Government of India Guidelines, AIS140 standards and other GPS monitoring and tracking platform

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